About GreenSeas

From its base in Pembrokeshire, Wales, GreenSeas Resources Ltd (GreenSeas) is focussed on the commercial farming and sustainable management of seaweed.

We believe that to maximise the potential for seaweed, and ensure we have a sustainable business, we need to focus on a number of markets. We are therefore developing a broad portfolio covering FOOD, ENERGY, BIOTECH and ENVIRONMENT. Individual projects are designed to supply more than one of these markets at the same time.

A significant amount of European funding has been invested into seaweed aquaculture research and GreenSeas aims to utilise the learning and innovations that have come out of this. The UK is home to some of the leading centres of aquaculture research in Europe and has therefore been at the forefront of much of the seaweed related research that has been undertaken. GreenSeas is therefore well placed to make use of the significant knowledge base and experience and turn it into a commercial reality.  

The GreenSeas Management Team has extensive experience of marine development and aquaculture. GreenSeas therefore has strong links with all of its key stakeholders including the research community, regulatory bodies, the commercial fishing sector, and local users of seaweed products.